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If you're reading this, you must feel that knowing WHO will capture the most special people and moments of your life is important. I couldn't agree more. You want someone to capture YOUR magic! Stolen moments, genuine feelings of love between couples and their family - that's what I strive to reflect back to you. 

I live here in the Berkshires and have much nostalgia for this area. I moved back here after living in Boston and NYC for 10 years. It's a dream to live here with my husband and raise my two boys among family members and friends.

There are a few things about me that are a huge part of my style and success as a photographer: 

I am a fitness instructor. The way I work as a photographer requires serious cardiovascular endurance!  Every February and July, I add an Outdoor Bootcamp program to the 5 fitness classes I already teach weekly at TK-Fit. Motivating participants to feel confident and wonderful about themselves is a big source of joy in my life. I also can command the attention of large groups of people. Your extended family portraits? No problem! 

I was in the corporate world for 15 years. I understand how important it is to respond to my customers in a timely manner. I am also very organized. I have a dedicated team and together we make our client's needs the #1 top priority. 

My boys could make my heart burst! I look at my young boys everyday with such enormous pride. Therefore I can relate to how much this day means to the parents of the wedding couple. They've made so many small and big loving decisions about you leading up to this day. This is a day of immense pride and love for them. 

- I married my best friend & favorite person. Our wedding day signifies the best decision of my entire life. My memories of that day rush back when I look at the pictures. I know you'll cherish these photos for a lifetime and therefore I take that responsibility to heart.  

I'm choosing to follow MY bliss....I'm truly honored to capture yours. 

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Tricia McCormack Photography

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Tricia McCormack Photography

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Tricia McCormack Photography

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    Tricia McCormack


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    Tricia McCormack Photography


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    Tricia McCormack Photography