Visitors have come to the Berkshires for hundreds of years to saunter its scenic mountains. Here's a great synopsis of what the region has to offer. Read more

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The Berkshires boasts some of the best New England Fall foliage. Here are our top picks for panoramic Fall perfection! Read more

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We're no Napa Valley, but our wineries sure have a lot to offer. The picturesque views of the mountains accompany some of the most delectable wines. Check them out here. Read more

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Explore one distinguishing feature to the Berkshires from other parts of Massachusetts and New England. Read more

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With varied terrain, beautiful scenery and wonderful stables the Berkshires is one of top places to ride in the Northeast. Read more

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Boost morale, de-stress & drink in the beauty of the vast terrain. We can't think of a better team building retreat than the Berkshires. Read more

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Read on to find out more about road-biking and mountain-biking experiences to be had in the Berkshires from the moderate to the extreme adventurer. Read more

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A regional naturalist offers insight into the formation of the natural history of the Berkshires, linking the geo-morphology to the diversity of birds one finds in the region. Read more

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