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Brooke Marie Bridges is a food entrepreneur under the umbrella The Babbling Brooke, that runs a food blog, a local bagel operation in Pittsfield, a personal chef service known as Your In-Home Chef, and an up and coming holistic wellness consulting and coaching business to tie into the healthy meal plans and meals she creates and cooks for clients.

She truly is a renaissance woman in the full sense of the word, as her previous endeavors ranged drastically from one end of the spectrum to the other; she grew up as an actress in Los Angeles, she taught preschool, she does photography, business consulting, and she has even driven a school bus!

When she’s not busy working you can find her knitting on the couch with her cat Max, hiking the beautiful Berkshire Hills, or spending time advocating mental health by writing poetry about living life as an emotional being. 

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The Babbling Brooke

Your In-Home Chef

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