Bob's Way Trailhead

MA-23, Monterey, Massachusetts 01245

MA-23, Monterey, Massachusetts 01245
Three gentle ‘stacked loop’ trails totaling about 2.5 miles, highlighted by Dave’s Bench and a beautiful beaver swamp.

The trail at Bob’s Way was designed for both the casual walker and the avid hiker. You can climb up and over a small peak to Dave’s Bench or for a more relaxing walk, take the low road that circumnavigates the property. The 2.5 miles of this Peter Jensen designed trail can be described as having a series of loops, somewhat resembling a figure eight. However you choose to describe it, you have three loop-trail opportunities with a variety of pleasing destinations. New Trex trail signs, located at every junction, will help keep you on your intended route on this 229 acre property.
Monterey, Sandisfield
Kid Friendly Activity
Birding, Hiking, Picnic Locations