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Winter Wonderland: A Skier's Delight

Nothing can compare with the beauty and vitality of the Berkshire Hills this time of year. As snow drifts softly blanket the earth, the winter season evokes nostalgic childhood memories - sledding, sliding, building snow forts - Rediscover the wonder of snow and be a kid again as you navigate a variety of slopes or coast along gentle terrain.

Skiers This is the land of the long ski season, from November to April, with the existing snowfall complemented by extensive snowmaking efforts at most mountains. Berkshire downhill ski areas range from family-friendly hills to challenging expert trails. Culture, comforts and amenities abound. With so many different types of slopes, novice and expert skiers alike enjoy the breathtaking vistas and picturesque scenery as well as the thrill of soaring down a Berkshire mountain.

People of all ages, fitness levels and interests also delight in cross-country skiing. It is hailed by sports aficionados as the ideal aerobic workout, but beginners need not be intimidated by this robust reputation. Since you can cross-country ski almost anyplace where there's snow, you can choose an environment that's appropriate for your skills and physical goals - try a commercial trail or forge a trail of your own off the beaten path. Wherever you choose to ski, you'll savor the low-impact, rhythmic sensation of coasting along a glittering snowy landscape.

Many centers in the area have programs for children and seniors as well as special first-time ski packages and instruction.