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Fishing Throughout Berkshire County!

The first settlers found Berkshire teeming with fish and game; now the wildlife is more plentiful than it has been in 150 years. Deer visit town to devour ornamental shrubbery; wild turkey and beaver have been successfully reintroduced; bear, pheasant, quail, rabbit, raccoon, fox, coyote, and gray squirrel are sufficient to satisfy nearly every hunter's aim. In Berkshire's waters, large and small mouth bass, northern pike, white and yellow perch, horned pout, and trout of all varieties still swim in abundance. Numerous brooks, rivers, ponds, and lakes are stocked with trout each year.

Fishing in the BerkshiresEssential equipment for any hunting or fishing is a free pamphlet containing abstracts of the Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Laws, available at local sporting goods shops; from the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (617-727-3151; 100 Cambridge St., Boston 02202); or from the Western Wildlife District Manager, Tom Keefe (413-447-9789; 400 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, 01201). This pamphlet carefully outlines the rules and regulations of Massachusetts fishing and hunting. Also essential is a license, which can be obtained through either city or town clerks, through the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife at the Boston address above, or through many local sporting goods stores (see the list at the beginning of this chapter).

A license permits hunting, fishing, or trapping on property that is not posted, although some towns also require owner permission. State lands are open with a few exceptions, such as a three-quarter-mile radius around the tower on Mount Greylock. No hunting is allowed on Greylock during the summer and early fall. Deer season varies by a few weeks between Massachusetts and neighboring states, and hunters are responsible to know what state they are in.


South County

Seekonk Brook, Green River.

Green River, Hubbard Brook.

Great Barrington
Green River, West Brook, Thomas & Palmer Brook, Williams River, Lake Mansfield.

Beartown Brook (west branch), Hop Brook, Goose Pond, Greenwater Brook, Laurel Lake, Washington Mountain Brook.

Lake Buel, Lake Garfield, Rawson Brook, Konkapot River.

New Marlborough
Konkapot River, Umpachene Brook, York Pond.

Farmington River, Otis Reservoir, Dimock Brook, Little Benton Pond, Big Benton Pond.

Buck River, Clam River, Farmington River.

Hubbard Brook, Konkapot River.

Marsh Brook, Stockbridge Bowl.

Hop Brook, Goose Pond Brook, Goose Pond.

West Stockbridge
Williams River, Cone Brook, Flat Brook.

Central County

Shaker Mill Brook, Greenwater Pond, Yokum Brook, Westfield River (west branch), Walker Brook, Shaw Pond.

Sackett Brook, Housatonic River (east branch), Wahconah Falls Brook.

Kinderhook Creek, Berry Pond.

Bennet Brook, Housatonic River (east branch), Plunket Reservoir.

Town Brook, Sachem Brook, Pontoosuc Lake.

Sawmill Brook, Marsh Brook, Yokum Brook, Laurel Lake.

Trout Brook.

Daniel Brook, Housatonic River (southwest branch), Lulu Cascade Brook, Sackett Brook, Smith Brook, Onota Lake, Lake Pontoosuc, Jacoby Brook.

Cone Brook, Furnace Brook, Richmond Pond, Mt. Lebanon Brook.

Depot Brook.

Westfield River (east branch), Windsor jambs Brook, Windsor Pond,

Windsor Brook, Westfield Brook.

Anthony Brook, Hoosic River (south branch), Tophet Brook,

Southwick Brook.

Hoosac Lake, Hoosic River (south branch), Dry Brook, Kitchen

Brook, South Brook, Thunder Brook, Penniman Brook.

Hoosic River (north branch), Hudson Brook.

Deerfield River, North Pond,

North Adams
Notch Brook, Windsor Lake.

Chickley River, Cold River, Westfield River (east branch), Center Brook.

Broad Brook, Hemlock Brook, Green River (west branch),Green River, Roaring Brook.

Editor's note: This article was excerpted from the GREAT DESTINATIONS— Berkshire Book, 6th Edition by Lauren R. Stevens, published by Berkshire House Publishers in Lee, MA .