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Antique Shopping Tips

Wouldn't it be nice to know what antique dealers know when they go shopping? Here, some area antique dealers offer words of advice for novices as well as seasoned collectors.

  • Antiques"First, get a feel for what you really like. Go to museums and good shops to get a sense of your preferences, as well as what is top quality. Then, don't skimp or settle for less than what you want - buy your favorite pieces. Buy high-end to ensure quality." From The Buggy Whip Factory in Southfield.

  • "Look the piece over carefully before you buy any item. Antiques will have some wear and tear over the years. Also, carry a tape measure and a Polaroid camera to take a picture to help you decide at home if the piece is right for you." From Yours, Mine & Ours in Pittsfield.

  • "Look for shops that have been in business a long time; don't be afraid to inquire about what you're looking for - the dealer can probably help point you in the right direction." From Saddleback Antiques in Williamstown

  • "Be sure to get to the preview of an auction sale at least once before the actual auction. If you keep within the price estimates when bidding, you'll be safe." From Bradford Galleries