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Enchanted Museum: Exploring the Science of Art

Enchanted Enter a world where NASA-developed technology brings rainbows to life, and where your shadow becomes part of an ancient Egyptian tomb carving. Discover "Enchanted Museum: Exploring the Science of Art," a new interactive exhibition at the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield.

This one-of-a-kind, 3,500-square-foot exhibit takes you behind the scenes to reveal how a work of art is created. Comprised of The Painting Gallery, Sculpture Garden and Rainbow Maze, it blends art, science, math and ancient history into a singular experience.

The Painting Gallery allows you to explore the human face and the emotions it expresses; compose visual landscapes by layering and mixing colors; create an image from colored tiles; and uncover the unexpected connection between Islamic tiles and modern paintings.

Try your hand at sculpture in the Sculpture Garden, where you can feel the impact of a self-contained air hammer system on different kinds of stone. An authentic, half-finished work of art by internationally known artist Peter Rockwell reveals the marks of the tool a sculptor uses. Observe a changing rainbow pattern emerge as stress is placed on different points of a sculpture.

Berkshire The Rainbow Maze is a larger-than-life-sized labyrinth of color that explores the paradox of vision, where you can wind your way through a maze of dancing spotlights, colored shadows and shimmering patterns.

At the Enchanted Museum, the entire family will have fun connecting the dots between ancient mosaics and mathematics; impressionist paintings and computer graphics; and ancient history and contemporary art.

The Berkshire Museum is located at 39 South Street in Pittsfield. Call 413-443-7171 ext. 10 for more information.